Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Special: Oct. 1st Birthday Blowout!

On Oct. 1st of the year 2009, everyone's favorite humanitarian, Dave Scheurer, celebrated his 26th birthday. After spending his usual 8 hours volunteering at a local children's hospital, he invited friends out for a rather lively night of bowling. Here are just a few highlights:

First, a showering of gifts

A few of the ol' rejuvenatin'

Perfect form


Quiet strength

S is for Victory


"I don't care- what anyone says... I don't... think this busline is racist."

The Bus Rude Home

** Best Friends Forever :) **

Sweet respite

**It should be noted that he later confused a Broadway taxi for a squad car. Despite the protests of his close friends, he proceeded to yell "Fuck you pig!" repeatedly out of the front door.

Stay tuned for a 1000+ word essay on why Dave Scheurer is important to us all.

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